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  • Fruit Fantasy 100g
    Fruit Fantasy 100g

    Ingredients: Black Tea with papayi, mango, marigold flower, taste of...

    76,48 Kč
  • Goji Berry 100g
    Goji Berry 100g

    Ingredients: China Green Tea, goji berry Weight: 100g Country of...

    76,48 Kč
  • Premium OPA 100g
    Premium OPA 100g

    Ingredients: Black tea Weight: 100g Country of Origin: Sri Lanka...

    86,44 Kč
  • Merry Christmas 100g
    Merry Christmas 100g

    Ingredience: Weight: 10g

    186,88 Kč
  • Season Greeting 90g
    Season Greeting 90g

    Ingredience: Black tea, papayi, rose petals, flavour of nuts, caramel....

    128,16 Kč


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Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items